Spongebob Mecha Vs Squidward Kaiju


05/06/2009 by DiBot

by Josh Ellingson for an upcoming ten-year retrospective of SpongeBob Squarepants in Nickelodeon Magazine.

8 thoughts on “Spongebob Mecha Vs Squidward Kaiju

  1. Chaaaaa~nge, Sponge-one! Switch on!!!

  2. Crow Reborn says:

    There should be another one: Ultracrab Krab

  3. Adit Maud says:


    Auto-Bob Iron Pants VS Squidzilla

  4. Fahri LiF says:

    ooo kartun jg… kirain mo bikin kaiju “beneran”

  5. Reila . says:

    ngeri ai spongebobnya

  6. Relly M.M. says:

    Spongebobnya ko jelek…

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