Double Dragon Trilogy – NES Version


13/04/2009 by DiBot

Double Dragon (双截龍(ダブルドラゴン) ,Daburu Doragon?) is a 1987 beat-em-up developed by Technos Japan and distributed in North America and Europe by Taito Corporation.Double Dragon is considered to be one of the first successful examples of the genre, resulting in the creation of two arcade sequels and several spinoffs.

Double Dragon

Technos produced two home versions of Double Dragon, one for the NES (released in 1988) and Game Boy (1990), both which were released in the west by Tradewest. These two versions differ from the arcade game due to the omission of cooperative gameplay and the addition of a competitive one-on-one versus mode. The NES version also altered the plot slightly by turning Jimmy Lee into the gang’s leader, forcing the player to fight him after defeating Willy.

Double Dragon II: The Revenge

Technos Japan released the NES version a year later in 1989, which was published in the west by Acclaim Entertainment. Unlike the NES version of the first game, cooperative gameplay was kept in this version, with the number of stages increased from four to nine and new attacks added to the player’s repertoire such as a flying knee kick and the hyper uppercut. The NES version also added cut scenes between stages, as well as a new final boss, after the player defeats their character’s clone in Stage 8.

Double Dragon 3: The Rosetta Stone

The NES version, retitled Double Dragon III: The Rosetta Stone in Japan and Double Dragon III: The Sacred Stones in the west, released a few months later in 1991, was developed internally by Technos and once again published in the west by Acclaim. In this version, the player begins game as Billy (with Jimmy, if played with a partner) and gains two additional characters (Chin Seimei and Yagyu Ranzou) by defeating them as bosses.

Donwload the attachment and ENJOY!!!

Attachment: DD Trilogy – Roms and Emulator.rar

14 thoughts on “Double Dragon Trilogy – NES Version

  1. New Rule says:

    klasik abis

    pake nya gimaa ya? gak pernah ngerti pake emulator

  2. andy wirawan says:

    ada filmnya juga kan? 😛

  3. filmnya fail heheeh
    yang paling bagus no 1 ya
    2-3 biasa saja

  4. DiBot ! says:

    tinggal unrar aja, trus jalanin emulatornya nesterJ
    tinggal pilih file – open rom – cari romsnya (sudah dibagi 3 direktori) klik…trus tungguin deh…dikomputer gue sih bisa…yaa moga2 di komputer kain bisa…hehehe…

    gambar, control bisa di pilih dan ubah di tab Option

  5. hohoho, tendangan berputar gerakan lambat. Jurus yang mengabaikan hukum gravitasi.

    Btw, gue terkesan sama DD III karena dua karakter tambahan dan bisa melakukan loncatan dengan support player kedua… Eh, apa dari kedua udah bisa ya?

  6. DiBot ! says:

    Mark Dacascos as Jimmy Lee and Scott Wolf as Billy Lee

  7. DiBot ! says:

    filmnya FAIL tapi Alyssa Milanonya HAWT

  8. DiBot ! says:

    CMIIW kedua kayaknya bisa deh…belum dimainin lagi sih…

  9. andy wirawan says:

    yang asli punya dasar martial arts cuma mark dacascos… 😦

  10. New Rule says:

    son epeknya…hihi

  11. Crow Reborn says:

    OK, the more I look, the more I'm tempted to try. Will it work on Linux platform? Or should I run the emulator on the Wine emulator?

  12. Fahri LiF says:

    yg ke-2 paling keren…

  13. DiBot ! says:

    wah nggak ngerti deh bisa di linux apa nggak…

  14. DiBot ! says:

    gitu yah?? hmmm….

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