Don’t Stand So Close To Me!!!


19/02/2009 by DiBot

Tagged and challenged by my wife and others at FB

So…here goes nothing….

Use the first letter of your name to answer each of the following questions. They have to be real…nothing made up! If the person before you had the same first initial, you must use different answers. You cannot use any word twice and you can’t use your name for the boy/girl name question.

1. What is your name : DiBot

2. A four Letter Word : Dead

3. A boy’s Name : Daedalus

4. A girl’s Name : Domino

5. An occupation : DeathNote Owner

6. A color : Dark Blue

7. Something you’ll wear : Dark Blue T-Shirt

9. A food : Dumb people

10. Something found in the bathroom: Dark Water

11. A place : Darkness

12. A reason for being late : Dying

13. Something you’d shout : Destroy All HUMANS!!!

14. A movie title : Dirty Dancing : “Nobody puts Baby in a corner!!!”

15. Something you drink : Duff

16. A musical group : DEWA 19 (Ari Lasso Era)

17. An animal : Dead Animal

18. A street name : 10 Downing Street

19. A type of car : Dodge Viper

20. The title of a song : Don’t Stand So Close To Me

20 thoughts on “Don’t Stand So Close To Me!!!

  1. ko yg 'a jedi name' kaga ada mas?

  2. DiBot ! says:

    blame her…msh ngutang bikin yg 25-25 itu…apalah tuh namanya…

  3. yg saya post di mp saya ada..

    16. a jedi name: sar agorn –> ini punya saya..

    beda kali ye yg nge-tag?

  4. DiBot ! says:

    wah beda kayaknya…gue copy-paste dari bini dapetnya yaa cuma sgitu…

  5. DiBot ! says:

    no other choice, either duff or dr. pepper or other brands start with “Diet”

  6. Bimo Pribadi says:

    wah sama saya juga suka dewa jaman ari lasso
    fb nya apa mas?

  7. Oki Keren says:

    gue baru sadar nomor satu pake foto CSI duren sawit.

  8. iip .. says:

    Destroy all humans? Whoo-hoo!

  9. DiBot ! says:

    poto2 lagi nyoook….

  10. DiBot ! says:

    satukan hati, rapatkan barisan dan angkat senjata…”Destroy All Humans!!!”

  11. 'M ' says:

    keren abis. ahah ahah ahah ahah ahah

  12. Oki Keren says:

    ayooo!!! kali ini gaya entourage. entar kutil jadi johnny drama.

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