21/01/2009 by DiBot

10 thoughts on “HOPE

  1. are you serious? 😛
    why so serious 😛

  2. he's more than a man. He's a symbol, a concept. And when you became a symbol, you're immortal.

  3. isaac mister says:

    i will be very scared to see a zombie ex president.
    that man ruined so many lives when he was alive.
    true, he brought the best economic decades…
    but i still remember my friends were demonstrating and being beaten by his administration police.

  4. DiBot ! says:

    lah pan gue buat disitu juga non….hahahaha….

  5. DiBot ! says:

    ya daripada sekarang rakyatnya jadi zombie, pemimpinnya pada nggak jelas ngurus apa…

  6. Truly, he didn't do it, but the police did. Don't blame him, blame the one who did it…… When you are in power, anyone can blame you for anything that you never do it.

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