Where Does Human Come From?


12/01/2009 by DiBot


16 thoughts on “Where Does Human Come From?

  1. Bimo Pribadi says:

    sayang ga bisa digedein mas.. hehe

  2. DiBot ! says:

    Asked and YOU shall receive!!!

  3. Oki Keren says:

    Error 403 – Forbidden

    You tried to access a document for which you don't have privileges.

  4. haaa??? gak ada apa2..

  5. DiBot ! says:

    udah di betulin tuh….hahaha…pada nungguin yah….

  6. andy wirawan says:

    perawan dong! 😛

  7. what's with the pants? where do the pants come from?

  8. Bimo Pribadi says:

    pilm f*ck you darwin

  9. DiBot ! says:

    yaah kalo nggak ada pants-nya…bisa dibredel tuh gambar…oom mp bisa ngamuk2….hehehe…

  10. DiBot ! says:

    film??? fenomena alam gini kok dibilang film

  11. hahaha…perinaaiisss…hehehe

  12. kok keluar dari telur sudah pake bikini ya??????

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