Trivial Things Found in ‘No Heroics’.


21/10/2008 by DiBot

The Fortress, the pub where the superheroes hang out, is a reference to The Fortress of Solitude, where Superman lives. Keen viewers may notice the logo of the pub represents the enormous golden key that sits outside Superman’s Arctic wilderness retreat, the key which only he can pick up.

The walls of The Fortress are covered with postcards of other superhero cities, like Metropolis (Superman) and Mega-City 1 (Judge Dredd).

The rules of The Fortress pub are: No Masks, No Powers, No Heroics. The sign is written in the Captain America font from the 1940s.

The alcohol available in the pub is as follow. The logo of each brand is in the style of the comic / person it is referencing:

Shazamstell (a reference to Captain Marvel’s Shazam!)

Biz Lager (2000 AD artist Simon Bisley)

Green Lamp Ale (DC Comics Green Lantern)

Von Doomenbrau (Doctor Doom)

Gin City (Sin City) 

Little Jock (The Scottish character in The Boys) 
V for Vodka (V for Vendetta)
Logan’s Rum (X-Men)
Bottled Beast (X-Men)
Grey Widow vodka (Marvel Comics’ Black Widow)

Durham Red (Strontium Dog’s Durham Red)

Morrison’s Mad Scrumpy (Grant Morrison)
Ditko’s (Spiderman creator Steve Ditko)
Saline Bitter (2000 AD axeman)
Moore’s Old Peculiar (Alan Moore)
Ozymandyas Champagne (Watchmen)
Meanwhile the cigarettes brands in the No Heroics world are Stronts (a reference to 2000 AD’s Strontium Dog) and Zarjaz (The Mighty Tharg’s catchphrase).

ATMs shown belong to “Stanlees Savings Bank”.

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8 thoughts on “Trivial Things Found in ‘No Heroics’.

  1. DiBot ! says:

    gelo kan ndul…mendingan gini dari pada nyolong cerita

  2. cewe yg di atm boljug tuh..

  3. DiBot ! says:

    Sarah, “Electroclash” (Claire Keelan)
    Sarah can control machines with her voice. However she would rather steal a pack of cigarettes from a machine than help the ‘normal’ world with her power.

    Seen as the most rock ‘n’ roll of the bunch, Sarah is the daughter of famous superheroes and Alex's (The Hotness) on-off love interest.

    Sarah was a member of the short lived superhero team known as Ladytrouble, alongside Jenny (She-Force).

  4. Oki Keren says:

    kayak anaknya DL, dong. atau mitchell hundred

  5. DiBot ! says:

    power bole sama tapi kelakuan beda jauh…

  6. DiBot ! says:

    lupa nambahin…bedanya lagi, kalo Micah (Heroes) ngeluarin powernya kan harus pegang alat elektronik yang mau di'kerjain' kalo si sarah (no heroics) itu she actually talks to machine…jadi pas di atm itu dia tinggal ngomong “Machine give cash…” langsung keluar duitnya…hehehe..pokoknya lebih gelo dah

  7. Oki Keren says:

    kalo gitu sama kayak mayor hundred, dong. 😀

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