There Can Be Only One!!!


18/07/2008 by DiBot

“From the dawn of time we came;
moving silently down through the centuries,
living many secret lives,
struggling to reach the time of the Gathering;
when the few who remain will battle to the last.
No one has ever known we were among you…
until now. “

7 thoughts on “There Can Be Only One!!!

  1. here we are..
    born to be kings!
    princes of the universe

    born to be queens!
    princesses of the universe..

  2. hani nhk says:

    itu indonesia kok bule? saha eta?

  3. si neng nadine… kakaknya si kembar itcu lowh.. 😛

  4. DiBot ! says:

    Nadine Chandrawinata pas di miss universe 2006, baru sekarang diposting…

  5. DiBot ! says:

    hihihi…lagunya jadi tambah paciweh…

  6. dapet dari mana sih tu foto, 'Bot? ^_^

  7. DiBot ! says:

    lupa euy darimana…hehehe…

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