I KNEW IT!!! He’s one of them…


08/05/2008 by DiBot

Courtesy of http://www.deantfraser.com/SWEOTB.html

18 thoughts on “I KNEW IT!!! He’s one of them…

  1. hahahha…..ternyata oh ternyata….haha

  2. ha3x… top banget! may the force (of the bat) be with you…

  3. hell rider says:

    Waynakin Skywalker

  4. andy wirawan says:

    i can't believe it…

  5. VadMan huuuuu… wicked!!

  6. Kenzo Tenma says:

    may the bat be with you….

  7. Robin…. I am your father…

  8. DiBot ! says:

    salah bro…itu 'bapak'nya Nightwing…

    cek aja http://www.deantfraser.com/SWEOTB.html

  9. Hahaha…. kocag kocag… 😀

  10. Siska WP says:


  11. isaac mister says:

    dun dun dun dundundundundundun *empire march*

  12. Hah! Itu yang Yoda Harlequin gak matching sama sekali! Tapi gila! HAHAHAH

  13. DiBot ! says:

    itu yang PALING EDAN!!!!!

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