"Yup buddy…your last movie SUCKED!!!!"


10/04/2008 by DiBot

Cause you had a bad day 
You're taking one down
You sing a sad song just to turn it around
You say you don't know
You tell me don't lie
You work at a smile and you go for a ride
You had a bad day
The camera don't lie
You're coming back down and you really don't mind
You had a bad day
You had a bad day
(Daniel Powter - Bad Day)

10 thoughts on “"Yup buddy…your last movie SUCKED!!!!"

  1. New Rule says:


    courtesy of Jonah Jameson

  2. Relly M.M. says:


  3. iip .. says:

    emang smua filmnya ga oke ah..

  4. isaac mister says:

    yep, buddy! your last movie sucked donkey balls!

  5. Vundee . says:

    Venom should have a full time or even a long story with spidey…
    hmm.. i wonder about the 4th movie..

  6. Film keempat katanya ngga ada Spider-Man nya… Hihihihi~~~

  7. fickle boon says:

    emang ada spidey 4?

  8. DiBot ! says:

    selama masih ada adegan joget dangdutnya Peter kaya' di yg ke 3…hopefully NO!!!

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