Forget The Wacthmen…Here comes The Watchnuts!!!


28/03/2008 by DiBot

Young art star Evan Shaner mimics cartoonist Charles Schulz by combining his Peanuts characters and the Watchmen. The drawing includes Charlie Brown as Doctor Manhattan, Linus as The Comedian, Schroeder as Ozymandias, Lucy as Silk Spectre, Snoopy as Rorschach, and Pigpen as Nite Owl.

3 thoughts on “Forget The Wacthmen…Here comes The Watchnuts!!!

  1. Oki Keren says:

    i knew there's something evil about that dog! 😛

  2. Charlie as Dr. Manhattan! LoL love it ^_^

  3. Kenzo Tenma says:

    wahahahaha keren!! 😀

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