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05/08/2004 by DiBot

The seventh sign of the zodiac is concerned with appearance, partys and manners

ELEMENTAL QUALITY : libra is the cardinal air sign of the zodiac

SPIRITUAL GOAL : to learn about family

POSITIVE : charming, communicative and cooperative.
NEGATIVE : narcisstic, indecissive and overbearing

SECRET : terrified of being alone

COLOUR : purple
PLANT : aloe
GEMSTONE : emerald
TAROT : justice

APPEARANCE : generally well balanced

HOME : prefers to be out and about rather than at home

WORK : good worker, especially trade work.

LOVE : often unfaithfull and likes to move from partner to partner

SEX : sometimes likes the kinky stuff

FRIENDS : likes lots of friends and making new ones

LEISURE : drinking, partys and travel

FAMOUS LIBRA : Oscar Wilde, Bridgette Bardot and John Lennon

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